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International women's day

In honor of International Women's Day, we talked to two women out of our Aeon Plaza Hotels family. Luiza Solomon is the Hotel Manager at Die Port van Cleve, with seven years of experience in Germany, including managing castle-hotels, she brings a wealth of hospitality expertise and love for creating unforgettable experiences.  Ana Maria Rizea is the Resident Manager at Dutch Design Hotel Vondelpark and has over a decade of hospitality expertise, spanning from Romania to Italy and also the Netherlands, she brings passion to our beloved and boutique hotel.


Both of them unique and truly passionate about hospitality, they have shared their thoughts on this important day.

How did your journey begin at Aeon Plaza Hotels?

LS: I discovered Aeon Plaza Hotels, the company after moving from Germany to the Netherlands and I knew the hotel Die Port van Cleve since 2004 when in my first job I was booking holidays abroad. It was since then a favourite hotel of my clients. 

AM: I embarked on my journey with Aeon Plaza Hotels not so long ago, and started at the Front Desk, and after hard work, I was promoted to Assistant Manager. As I began settling into that role, another opportunity arose, propelling me to the position of Resident Manager. It's been an exhilarating whirlwind of growth and opportunities, and I'm eagerly anticipating the next chapter of this exciting journey. 

What was a key moment in your life that helped you reach your successful present?

LS: Choosing to embrace challenges and stepping out of my comfort zone has been crucial in shaping my journey. Moving abroad was a turning point that forced me to adapt to a new environment and discard traits that were impeding my growth.

AM: Moving to Amsterdam was a pivotal moment in my life that significantly contributed to my success today. It opened up new opportunities, pushed me out of my comfort zone, and allowed me to grow both personally and professionally.

What is your opinion on gender equality on the hospitality industry?

LS: Gender equality is a palpable fact in the Dutch hospitality industry, no doubt about it. It's heartening to see women occupying prominent leadership positions without barriers. The industry's commitment to equality sets a positive example for other sectors to follow.

AM: I believe gender equality in the hospitality industry is still a work in progress. Despite some progress, we need to continue to address biases and create environments where equal opportunities are not just encouraged but actively pursued.

Who is your biggest female role model and what has been their impact in your life/career?

LS: My mother who taught me to always be honest, straightforward but kind and to never ever give up. 

AM: My mother is my biggest female role model. Her strength, wisdom, and unconditional love have shaped my values and work ethic, guiding me in both my personal and professional life.

How do you think Aeon Plaza Hotels contributes to equity?

LS: Aeon Plaza Hotels fosters equity by actively challenging stereotypes and providing equal opportunities for both women and men. Through inclusive hiring practices and a supportive work culture, the company ensures that talent and potential are recognized regardless of gender, fostering a diverse and empowered workforce and staying away from stereotypes. 

AM: Aeon Plaza Hotels contributes to equity through its commitment to gender diversity and inclusion. By nurturing a workforce that has a significant representation of women, the company sets a standard for equality in the hospitality industry.

What inspires you as a Hotel Manager?

LS: It inspires me when I see that my team feels empowered and having the best stage to showcase their talents. 

AM: What inspires me as a Hotel Manager is working with people. Their stories, interactions, and satisfaction with their experiences at the hotel drive me to create memorable moments and ensure their needs are met.

What has been the most memorable moment with the Aeon family so far?

LS: My first day at Die Port van Cleve and the support I received ever since.

AM: The most memorable moment with the Aeon family so far has been when I was promoted to manager. It was a proud and exciting moment that marked a significant milestone in my career journey with the company.

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